The weekly hog news 14

We’re going to start preparing for the greenlight now, and will also be preparing a new video to show off the world and region regenerator with all the reworked biomes.
Also we’ve been redesigning the choices of basic ressources available for each climate to make things more climate-specific in order to improve trading possibilities.
Vegetables are splitted in 3 ressources and we’re adding a few new ones like dates for arid climates. Some ressources wont be naturally present but you’ll be able to introduce them in the region.

Basically it will go like this :

Main food sources

  • Nordic : Potatoes, apples
  • Oceanic : Wheat, carrots, apples
  • Continental : Wheat, carrots, apples
  • Mediterranean : Wheat, figs, tomatoes
  • Arid : Wheat, chickpeas, lettuce
  • Desert : Dates, lettuce
  • Tropical : Corn, rice, beans, bananas

Main alcohol resources

  • Nordic : cider  (apples)
  • Oceanic : cider  (apples)
  • Continental : cider  (apples)
  • Mediterranean : wine  (raisins)
  • Arid :  beer  (barley)
  • Desert : beer  (barley)
  • Tropical : rhum  (sugarcane)

Main cloth resource

  • Nordic : wool ( sheep)
  • Oceanic : wool (sheep)
  • Continental : cotton
  • Mediterranean : linen ( flax)
  • Arid :  linen ( flax)
  • Desert : linen ( flax)
  • Tropical : wool ( llamas)

Basic animals
Many will be available to introduction in foreign climates, like chicken. Also some animals are specific to relief regions ( like llamas, sheep ) or regions with direct water access.

  • Nordic : rabbits,  sheep; mammoth, fish
  • Oceanic :  rabbit, cow, sheep, horses, fish
  • Continental :  cow, dog, llamas, horses, fish
  • Mediterranean :  dog, cow, goats, horses, fish
  • Arid :  ostriches, buffalo, goats, camels, elephants, fish
  • Desert :  ostriches, buffalo, goats, camels, fish
  • Tropical : capybaras, buffalo, chickens, llamas, elephants, fish


Date palm, Chickpeas, Crow, Whitebird, Parrot.

The weekly hog news 13

Back to work!

We’re still adding new animals :
Caipibara, water buffalo, llama … and ducks (cosmetic).


The region generator is almost complete now and completely database driven, replacing the old crude external generator of the Alpha 1 ‘prototype’.
This means each resource has its own database settings to tweak the odds of appearing in a region, how it appears and where. Compared to before when all that was hardcoded, this allows to easily add new resources and tweak the balancing of the game if some things appear to often or not.
Resources have different types of localisation whether its forest trees, rocks, shore plants, animals… Their odds of spawning can depend on climate, water proximity, relief or terrain fertility.
There’s still some settings to tweak and bugs to solve, but its now mostly functional.

Below a bunch of screenshots of different random regions from this new generator :

The weekly hog news 11



We’re still adding new animals to Ymir , this week : Ostriches , chickens and fishes. Below are photoshop previews of how they’ll look ingame.





We now added water, and grass coloring. It gives a visual feedback to know the level of water in the ground, and a quite nice gradient around rivers in arid climates. Water tiles are also slightly transparent, and if i find a way at some point i’d also like to combine this transparency to a blurr effect.

Rivers will now also occasionally generate islands and deltas when reaching the sea.




The weekly hog news 10


Last week Alpyro made goats, another animal that will be used to produce meat, and potentially milk.

I mainly worked on an optimization issue and got stuck working on tool function i needed.
Besides that i started implementing river tracing in regions. There’s 3 sizes of rivers, and they generate valleys or various radius depending on the type of climate. Low erosion climates like arid or desert tend to create sharp canyons when there’s elevation ( like a river passing through hills ).